Mariya Nikolova

Foto: privat

*1987 in Haskovo, Bulgaria. Mariya Nikolova is a PhD candidate at the Research Training Group  Minor Cosmopolitanisms  and the spokesperson of the doctoral network “Perspectives in the Cultural Analysis: Black Diaspora, Decoloniality, and Transnationalism”. She worked as interpreter for women affected by AIDS and STD at the Bremer Public Health Department and was the coordinator of the Volunteer, English and Youth Zones Departments of the Bulgarian Youth and Children Parliament.

Mariya received her Master’s degree in Transnational Literature, Theater and Film at the University of Bremen, Germany and a Bachelor degree in English-Speaking Cultures and Political Science at the University of Bremen and Birmingham City University, Great Britain. After graduating  First English Language School  in Sofia and moving to Germany, she began documenting her journeys as experimental poetry and photography.