Vernissage: Die Wandernde Geschichte

In order to promote young writers from immigrant families, Visionskultur has developed and installed a literary exhibition in the Creative Hub Bremen together with globale°. Under the guidance of the Bremen author Leyla Bektaş, young people have written short stories that deal with their own history and the building of the Creative Hub Bremen (the former Hess Children’s Clinic) in a fictional and non-fictional way.

We would like to cordially invite you to the vernissage to present the project and would be happy to receive an announcement and reports.

The vernissage will start on Saturday, July 9th, 2022 at 12:00 p.m Creative Hub at Friedrich-Karl-Str. 54, 28205 Bremen .

We would be very happy if you registered for the event by June 30th, 2022.

About the project:

The wandering story is intended to support young writers, give them creative freedom and motivate them to deal with Bremen as a location, in order to develop identification with their own homeland, its history and future potential. The installation of the story, which leads through the entire house, achieves open access for both visitors and the projects located here. The main concern is therefore to create encounters and exchanges which, among other things, support voluntary associations, initiatives and migrant organizations, draw attention to their commitment and create opportunities for participation.

After an exchange, which took place in the Creative Hub, all participants were familiarized with the concept of the vision culture, the building and the projects. Then the creative process began, which was professionally guided by the author in a regular meeting, but gave enough freedom for the young people to familiarize themselves with the different subject areas on their own initiative in order to come up with a concept for literary processing. This was followed by the creative part in exchange for the craft cluster and the projects located here in order to conceptualize an innovative, sustainable format of the performance. The conclusion of the workshop is at the same time the opening of the exhibition and, with a small event, is intended to give both participants and stakeholders in the city as well as enthusiastically interested people a positive moment of community that shows which extraordinary formats can contribute to networking and how cooperation between People, cluster area and forms of expression can be implemented. Beyond the series of events, the story is now accessible to all visitors at any time and can therefore be a sustainable contact point that continuously draws attention to Bremen’s synergies and initiatives.

To those involved:

Leyla Bektaş was born in Achim in 1988 and grew up in Bremen. She studied Roman languages ​​in Cologne, with stations in Bordeaux and Mexico City, later literary writing in Leipzig. She worked as a lecturer for Spanish-language literature at the University of Cologne and as a trainer for German as a foreign language. Leyla Bektaş writes prose and essays and has published short stories in magazines (including Poetin, syndicate) and anthologies. She has been living in Bremen again with her family since 2019. She is currently working on her first novel, for which she received the Bremen Authors’ Grant in 2020.

Visionskultur accompanies around 300 projects from over 30 work areas and 7 knowledge clusters – from engineering to craftsmanship, from art to AI. The Visionskultur team actively supports members through coaching, support, networking, events, acquisition of funding and marketing – with the Creative Hub Bremen as a spatial center for work, encounters and exchange. In order to create added value on as many sides as possible, we create a network between idea providers, organizations and institutions, identify potential, create interfaces and design formats to promote synergies between individuals, creative industries, cultural and social businesses, science, administration and companies. So that every idea has a chance to develop into a sustainable project and people are offered access to resources and support.

Globale e.V. has been organizing the festival globale° – festival for cross-border literature since 2007. The events of the festival include readings, scenic readings, lectures, theater performances, panels and discussions, scientific colloquia, literature, film and writing workshops for young people. In addition to the events, the festival offers a framework for contemporary, cross-border cultural work. globale° – festival for cross-border literature is recognized nationally and internationally; it is unique in this form in Europe. That’s why in 2010 it was included in the UNESCO register of projects within the framework of the International Year for the Convergence of Civilizations. Critical and politically engaged intellectuals of rank traditionally belong to globale°.


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