About the Tapetenwechsel

The funding program “Tapetenwechsel- A German-Czech literary exchange” is a form of support for writers that enables authors from Germany to devote themselves entirely to their artistic activities during a stay in the Czech Republic, while Czech authors can spend a month in the artists’ houses in Worpswede.

Jáchym Topol in Worpswede

Jáchym Topol is one of the most important contemporary authors in the Czech Republic. He spent two months in Worpswede in the spring of 2022. Here is an excerpt from his suicide note:

... moc a moc vám děkuji za tuhle možnost pobýt ve Worpswede. Ale bylo to skvělé, vážně asi nejlepší místo, kde jsem takhle pobýval. A že už jich pár bylo...

... thank you very much for the opportunity to stay in Worpswede. It was wonderful. And it's probably the best place to stay I've ever enjoyed. And I have experienced quite a few...

Scholarship holders from Germany

Jakob Nolte
Dmitrij Kapitelmann
Akin Sipal
Karosh Taha

Scholarship holders from the Czech Republic

Vratislav Maňák
Přemysl Krejčík
Hana Roguljič
Petr Šesták
Klára Vlasáková
Marek Šindelka