Language barrier equal

Performance "language barrier equal" in Prague

Millions of people have left Ukraine since February 24, 2022. Among them are writers, theater people, lecturers, students. Some of them now live in Prague, work at the Film Academy (FAMU) and the Theater Academy (DAMU) there.

globale° supports the project developed in this context

About the project

“language barrier equal” is a performance co-developed by current students of Prague DAMU and FAMU with temporary fellow students who originally attended theater schools in Kharkiv, Kiev and Lviv. The perfomance took place at the beginning of June in rooms of Prague’s Můstek metro station. A short film documents the process of the not easy understanding.

When a Czech and a Ukrainian speak English and they can’t think of a word, it often happens that they try in their native language and the other understands it. How large or how permeable is this barrier? How to understand each other to share together? Simple words, recipes, childhood memories, moments of happiness on an unintentional passage…


Ksenia Arnaut, Alexei Chubun, Snižana Čeberjak, Tereza Dostálová, Olunia Fedyna, Sofia Fedorovska, Karol Filo, Antonie Formanová, Emma Horká, Rusya Kaminska, Kapitolina Kolobova, David Karban, Alina Kondratenko, Tobiáš Nevřiva, Emil Rothermel, Roman Poliak, Yelyzaveta Pustovalova, Kira Tripulska, Olesia Usata