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Here you will find current events that take place outside of our festival.

05.06. Alexander Estis: Reading and discussion, 6.00 pm

Alexander Estis is a writer and columnist. He was born in 1986 into a Jewish family of artists in Moscow. In 1996, he moved to Hamburg with his parents . After completing his studies at , he taught German language and literature at various universities. Since 2016 he has been living as a freelance author in Aarau.

In 2022, his sixth book, the prose volume FLUCHTEN . His texts are published in anthologies and magazines (e.g. Sinn und Form, Lichtungen, Entwürfe). He also writes essays, commentaries and columns for newspapers such as FAZ, NZZ, SZ and ZEIT. His radio contributions can be heard regularly on Deutschlandfunk Kultur. He regularly gives readings and lectures, often accompanied by music. He also teaches professional writing at the University of Cologne and other institutions.

Alexander Estis is a member of Vereinigung Autorinnen und Autoren der Schweiz, PEN Berlin and Exil-PEN. He has received several awards for his texts at , most recently the Kurt Tucholsky Prize.

Alexander Estis works predominantly in literary small forms, including prose, lyrical and scenic miniatures. In addition to stylistic diversity, his work is characterized by the fusion of prosaic and metrical form, satire and seriousness, essays and fiction, as well as words and images.



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Estis at globale° 2023, photo: Matej Meza

Stadtbibliothek Bremen

Krimibibliothek im 2. OG

06.05. Julia Cimafiejeva and Alhierd Bacharevič: The Fear Stone & Europe's Dogs, 8 pm

Two Belarusian authors currently living in exile in Hamburg for political reasons will present their books in the latest German translation, report on the current situation in Belarus and tell their stories of exile. They will introduce the audience to the Belarusian culture and language. It will be about the novel “Europas Hunde” by Alhierd Bacharevič (Voland und Quist 2024) and the poetry collection “Der Angststein” by Julia Cimafiejeva (Edition foto.TAPETA 2022).

The event will be held in German, English and Belarusian.

Moderated by Viktorie Knotková

About the authors:

AlhierdBacharevič is a Belarusian writer. He has published several novels and collections of essays, and his books have been translated into German, English, Russian, Polish and other languages. His magnum opus, the 900-page novel “Сабакі Эўропы” (Europe’s dogs), was published in 2017. The text has been staged in London, Berlin, Paris and Adelaide. The novel was published in German translation by Thomas Weiler in 2024. Bacharevič has been awarded several literary prizes (“Book of the Year”, Erwin Piscator Prize, English PEN Award, etc.). Two of his books are classified as “extremist” and banned in Belarus: All of Bacharevič’s works have been thrown out of bookshops and libraries in his home country. Since the end of 2020, Alhierd Bacharevič has been living in exile with his wife, the poet Julia Cimafiejeva, first in Austria and Switzerland, and currently in Hamburg.

Julia Cimafiejeva is a Belarusian poet and translator. She has published several volumes of poetry. Her “Minsk.diary” about everyday life during the 2020 protests in Belarus, originally written in English, has been translated into German, Dutch, Swedish and other languages. Last year it was also published in Belarusian. Cimafiejeva herself translates poetry from English and Norwegian. She has been honored with the Carlos Cherman Prize for her translations. Her book “Motherfield” was published in the United States in 2022 and was shortlisted for the Derek Walkott Prize and longlisted by PEN America. Since the end of 2020, she has been living in exile with her husband, the writer Alhierd Bacharevic, first in Austria and Switzerland, and currently in Hamburg.

In cooperation with the Belarusian Community RAZAM e. V. and Theater Bremen.
Supported by the Karin and Uwe Hollweg Foundation.
Bacharevič at the globale° 23, photo: Matej Meza

Theater Bremen