31.10. Raoul Schrott: Inventur des Sommers, 6 p.m.

Lockdowns and war have left large gaps in our present. Raoul Schrott’s form-blasting thought poems explore the extent to which our thoughts, actions, and feelings are shaped by the absent. Is poetry able to bring back what has been lost? What stays and what do we leave behind when we go? Artful, clever, and sensual, this volume, which meanders between essay and poetry, presents a colorful kaleidoscope of those shattered moments that make up our lives-whether at home, in contemporary events, or on a journey to the cult sites of the muses, whether in true stories, speeches for the dead, or celebrations of jubilation.

Introduction: Tatjana Vogel


In cooperation with
the Gerhard-Marcks-House

Hanser 2023

Am Wall 208
D – 28195 Bremen