**Call for the demonstration "LAUT GEGEN RECHTS" and for social justice Cohesion in Bremen**.

In recent weeks, there has been a great deal of social energy in the fight against right-wing extremism and right-wing populism in Bremen and throughout Germany. Many people have found their way to political action for the first time. Others have been active for a long time and have found new motivation. Now it is time again for ALL of us to unite in our efforts and raise our voices together. Let us once again send a loud and clear signal that we will not tolerate right-wing extremist and radical structures in Germany. These are a real, ever-increasing threat to our democracy and the people who live here. We are all called upon to actively stand in the way of this development.

When: Sunday, March 17, 2024 at 12:05 p.m.
Where: Start at the parking lot of the Weserstadion, to the Domshof in Bremen
We want to be loud together for:

  • Solidarity: We stand together with all people who have been suffering for far too long.
    right-wing violence, terror, hatred and agitation.
  • Broad-based cohesion: We want a broad-based movement for solidarity and
    Cohesion. It is important that we always recognize our differences.
    and stand up together for an inclusive and anti-fascist society.
  • Social responsibility: We call on all people in Bremen to get involved with the
    actively for the preservation of democracy and for a solidary society.

Let’s send a strong signal together again. Your participation is crucial,
every person counts. Be there on 17.03.24 at 12:05 at the parking lot of the Weserstadion in Bremen.

Together for solidarity, cohesion and a democratic future!