Prize of the Leipzig Book Fair 2024 goes to Barbi Marković

Photo: Amrei-Marie, CC BY-SA 4.0 Deed

We congratulate Barbi Marković, who will be a guest at globale° in 2024, on winning the Leipzig Book Fair 2024 Prize.

The jury’s statement:

Fast-paced, serialized and pop-savvy – that’s Barbi Marković’s new book, which you want to read in one go without stopping. Because the enjoyment of her witty and seemingly simple sentences, which measure the absurd fall between everyday life and the existential world situation, should please not end. Barbi Markovic tells an enchantingly funny and bitterly serious story about our present: war crimes in the background, climate change in the foreground, and the banality of our everyday lives in between. In “Minihorror”, Barbi Marković uncovers the uncanny in every situation, no matter how harmless, the horror in everyday life, the horror in front of your own family. In late capitalism, man inevitably becomes a figure of fun.